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I love it when the cheap feels expensive toooo (no, seriously, don't ask)
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.... Hello stranger, how you doin'? *wiggles eyebrows*

I'm fine / how are you / merry christmas and happy new year / how were your holidays / mine were absolutely awful / ok cool

So, all I wanted to say was that these last couple of days have been very productive and I'm having lots of fun trying to draw on my laptop without a tablet (lies, it's not fun at all - I seriously need a new one). Anyway, I've got a WIP I wanted to share 'cos I thought it was starting to look kinda cool, and you know, it doesn't happen very often - not to me at least. It's just a "portion" (har har, I wouldn't mind a bite actually...), but it does the work for now.

I am so not sorry, Matt.
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This was mostly inspired by ashamedbliss and popocatekettle's story (if you haven't yet, then go and read Billets Doux 'cause it's just brilliant ♥), who brought to life (and words) Mathieu Bel Ami aka my latest obsession.

Oh, I forgot: I fucking hate lace corsets. And Matt Bellamy, of course (n'awww).
(Also, did I already say that I REALLY need a tablet? Drawing with a mouse is just KSfa+ln@çà#à!!!)

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Sometimes I think everything I say comes out somehow wrong. I sound bossy, I sound bitchy, I sound absolutely insensitive sometimes when I'm not. I'm really not that kind of person, and I wish you could see it. I wish everyone would see it.
I know it's all on me - I should be the one trying to find a solution to make it better, after all - but when I look around me I just fail to see a way out of this. Bloody language barrier is giving me the hardest time ever. I'm so sorry.

Hello, it's Doctor Culocane here! Today we're going to talk about...
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M O L L A M Y!!!!1112

... which, just for the record, does not stand for "mollami", as in "leave me alone" (Italian is such a funny language, I know right?) but for Molko + Bellamy and NO NO DON'T MAKE THAT FACE I SWEAR IT'S GOING TO JUST BLOW YOUR MIND (?).
Mollamy is like the first ship I've ever shipped (?), the fucking Titanic in terms of fandom. It hurts to see it's not so popular on MuseSlash (or anywhere else, actually) as it is on EFP and other Italian fanfiction websites. It's only second to BellDom but for some weird fucked up reason IT CAME BEFORE BELLDOM ITSELF WHAT EVEN - like, really.
But let's start from the beginning.
For those of you who didn't know (shame on you, shame on your cows!) Brian Molko is the dwarf whore lead singer from Placebo, English (well now, they formed in London but basically none of them is actually British lol) atlernative rock band - the much gay very depressing yay drugs!!111 no wait we are loud like love sort of band.
See that pretty girl in my icon? ♥

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Because Matt Fucking Bellamy, that's why.

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pain is such a strong feeling.

When banoffee stars collide with my insomnia.
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Quick update just to say that I finally decided to open that icon comm I was talking about a while ago... it has the most stupid name ever, but it's 5:36 a.m. here, and I didn't get any sleep, so I guess I'm forgiven. Or, well, at least I forgive myself - which is definitely something new, uh.
Anyway, here's the link to the Community - I already posted a few icons, but they're mostly just plain 100x100 pics, 'cause I lost all my textures and psds and stuff when my old laptop decided to die. Amen.
Let me know if you like the idea, or not, just... do as you want. I need some sleep, like, really badly.




Icons [Muse +30]
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Extremely shitty mood, so no nice talk this time.
Old Muse icons and a few new ones. As usual, feel free to snatch them, credits are love and comments make my day.


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Guess what? ... yeah, icons. [24 Muse]
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Just a few Muse icons (mostly of Dom and Dom being gay with Matt) I made yesterday.
Nothing too fancy, just a bit of colour and... yeah. A bit of colour.
Enjoy and feel free to take whatever you want. Comments are love, and credits are my stairway to Matt'sbed Heaven. <3


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Icons. Lots of. [Muse, Torchwood, David Tennant, Lily Allen]
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Photoshop is back, and I have a lot of spare time. Plus, making icons puts me in a weird good mood, so...

Muse@NME awards 2011: #1 - #20
Torchwood (Ianto and Jack): #20 - #44
David Tennant: #44 - #53
Lily Allen: #53 - #62

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Icons [Matt Bellamy]
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